We invite guest lecturers from the industry to talk about a specific business topic.



Every year we hold a day long planning workshop. In this workshop, each member provides a practical business plan for the following year.

Brainstorming session

Brainstorming session

We do intensive brainstorming sessions to develop new business ideas. We present our ideas and then discuss it with the group members.

The 3 most promising jobs in the US for 2016


In the Southwest part of Texas, El Paso gets hits yearly with severe wind and hail storms. That’s why Las Cruces roofing companies, like Smith & Ramirez Roofing, are constantly hiring well-trained, high-salary sales personnel. Most promising jobs are those which have good earning potential, career growth opportunities and numbers of job openings. Based on these factors, here are the 3 most promising jobs in US for 2016.

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

With the growing number of information that companies have to deal with today, it has become hard to manage these huge petabytes of data. Data Scientists are able to bring structure to the large chunk of formless data. They then analyze those data to give important insights. They find out rich data sources, join them with other data and come up with a clean set. Data Scientists help decision makers by providing them meaningful data. There were 1,736 job openings last year. The Data Scientists were offered a median salary of $116, 840.

2. Tax Manager

Tax Manager

Tax Manager acts as a business advisor of a company. The person is responsible for delivering quality tax services. The person will provide innovative tax planning and understand complex income tax returns. He/she coordinates with accounting staff to mitigate tax risks. The Tax Manager helps businesses to improve their processes by implementing best practices. There were 1,600 job openings of Tax Manager last year with an average median salary of $108,000.

3. Solutions Architect


The role of a Solutions Architect is to convert requirements into architecture and design. This will eventually become the blueprint for solutions. There is huge demand for Solutions Architect now. Last year there were 2,900 openings and the median salary offered was $119,500.

If you are new into the job market or thinking of switching your career, then you can think of one of these positions. These jobs are on high demand and will remain so for many more years.

5 reasons why you should set up your business in El Paso


Texas is growing as a business city. More companies are opening up their offices here. There is also a number of emerging start up companies. Here are some of the reasons why El Paso is seen as a promising business center.

1. Less capital

You will need less capital to start up a business in El Paso. The reason is that cost of living is cheaper here. Utilities, transports, goods, etc. cost much less than other places. So, your expense would be less.

2. Cheaper land

You will have to spend less money in buying a land or renting an office in El Paso. Real estate is cheap here. So, the cost of starting your business is greatly reduced.

3. Low tax

The tax is low here, so you can enjoy more revenue. There are a number of tax incentives for businesses which encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to start up business here.

4. Community

El Paso has a family friendly environment. There are good schools, shopping malls, parks and other amenities that makes many people to live in this city. You will get lots of customers for your business here. So, there is chance of huge profit and growth.

5. Support

El Paso has a small business resource center which encourages entrepreneurs to start up business here. They provide advice on obtaining loan, resources, employees and many more. There is a small business research center that helps you to understand more about small businesses and opportunities in El Paso. There are also many investment programs for small businesses here.

These are good reasons to start your business in El Paso, says Dr. David Middaugh of El Paso Manual Physical Therapy. Many promising opportunities are evident in this region of Texas.

The 4 biggest employers in El Paso


There are some great business leaders in El Paso who inspire us to move forward. One Orthopedic El Paso TX doctor, Dr. Jason Vourazeris, states that the El Paso market has grown tremendously since he first opened his practice in this city. Here are the four biggest employers in El Paso.

T&T Staff Management LP

T&T Staff Management LP

The company was formed in 1992 and is now one of the largest Professional Employment Organization (PEO) in Texas. The company helps businesses to control costs and save time. There is a team of talented staff who help you to get in compliance with federal agencies like OSHA, EEOC and Wage and Hour. This helps to reduce employee turnover. The company currently has 5,202 employees and is still growing.

Dish Network


This is a pay-TV company that has been in operation since 1980. They provide the best technology at an unbeatable value. Currently, the company has 1,800 employees. With Dish Network, you will get the right equipment to make your home entertainment more enjoyable.



It has been in operation for the last 13 years. It provides customer management solutions that provides results. It’s 1,755 employees are dedicated to providing excellent customer service experiences. They provide customer relationship management and technical support to businesses. They offer revenue generation programs that can increase sales drastically.

Del Sol Medical Center


This is a 350-bed hospital which provides quality care to its patients. With 1,400 employees including physicians, nurses and staff this medical center has become one of the most trusted health care providers in Texas. It provides cardiology services, maternity programs, emergency medical service and many more.

All these companies started small, but eventually grew with excellent business management skills of the owners. We should learn from these companies how to grow our business.